promotional towels
July 13, 2017 News No Comments

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on during the summer months, it’s that the beach is a perfect getaway on those hot, sticky days. But there’s no such thing as a beach day without the proper beach gear!

And that’s where promotional towels and custom promotional tote bags come in. They may not be the first promotional summer items that come to mind, but they’re certainly some of the most useful come summertime, and not just for consumers. Here are just a few reasons you need to consider creating custom promotional towels this summer.

More Space

When you invest in t-shirt printing services, you’re investing in a huge market. In fact, 95% of Americans wear t-shirts! But the one thing you’re not investing in is space. With promotional shirts, you’re very limited in your design capabilities. Towels, on the other hand, offer a large amount of space that you should make the most of.


When you think promotional items, you want them to last more than a few weeks or a few months. No, you want them to last years, and that’s exactly what towels and tote bags can do for you. Not only are these items that can be used every day, they’re items that will stand the test of time.


Depending on the nature of your business, it’s possible that you could work with local beachfront shops or pool houses to ensure that your towels are the ones being distributed to guests. If they need a beach towel, they’ll be exposed to your brand.

Better Exposure

Even if you’re not partnered with another local business, beach towels can help you gain exposure like never before. It can be tough to read a t-shirt in passing, but there’s no missing a huge promotional towel while you’re on the beach. So before you trash the idea of beach towels, just think about how much brand exposure you could gain.

There’s no such thing as a beach day without a beach towel. And there’s no better way to get your business out there than by providing beach-goers with exactly what they need.